Body Orbitor


The Body Orbitor Workout Station

Full Body Gym All In One Station!

“The Body Orbitor Workout Station (R) is a full body exercise station that challenges your body with a variety of low impact core stimulating exercise on a shock absorbent platform . It’s literally a full gym set up on a fun and dynamic cushiony platform . It’s perfect for all fitness levels and ages with easy to use resistance bands and attachments . You feel like your standing on a cloud while the workout is the intense calorie burning storm your body’s been craving!

This multidimensional product offers the fitness enthusiast or fitness professional a plethora a strength training, cardio, balance, flexibility, sports specific and preventative maintenance for the body. You can literally do any exercise or exercise routine, all on this fun, cushiony core engaging platform.

The possibilities are endless for all fitness levels and age groups. People love it for the ultimate power, strength, flexibility, quick weightloss and quick surefire results! Meanwhile a yoga minded individual loves the challenge and the new innovative way that regular yoga doesn’t come with. The platform depresses downward just enough under the weight of your body forcing your core to tighten and your body to contract the entire time you’re on it resulting in you being a stronger , leaner, calorie burning machine . And the best part is there is NO MORE JOINT PAIN associated with impact on the body . Physical Therapist love it! !>Your core body immediately engages forcing you to stabilize as the resistance bands engage you from various angles and directions . PERFORM any exercise you can imagine with versatile resistance. Squats, Lunges, ab routines, running , jogging , jumping, sports specific exercises, legs, chest , back, arms , agility, low impact Cardio , yoga , pilates, kickboxing, sports specific , and MUCH MORE .

The Body Orbitor Workout Station … Soft as a cloud with the intensity of a storm !

Physical Therapy tested

A Full Body Gym All in One Station!

Save Time! Get Results Guaranteed!

Low Impact Cardio 98%
Flexibility and Mobility 96%
Balance 95%
Weight Loss 92%
Agility and Athleticism 90%

This low impact workout station is lightweight, portable, fun and easy to use. It makes you burn several times more calories in less time without expensive bulky workout equipment . And it’s therapeutically gentle on your joints. You’ll get stronger , leaner, more flexible and more balanced all in one workout!

Various Resistance for all fitness Levels

Simple to use and it’s so much fun!

No more boring ineffective workouts!!

Shipping available and accessories included!

Cushions your joints to prevent over use injuries

All fitness levels and ages . Kids love it !

Burn more calories in less time ! 🔥

Imagine the intensity of working out on the beach sand but on super soft and durable surface !